The extremely flexible  power wheelchair for indoors and outdoors.

Whether around the house, the local cafe or the mall, the Q200 R is always in touch with its surroundings.

With an extremely narrow base and a tiny circle of rotation, even in the smallest part you will move comfortably and flexibly.

The Q200 R with a length of 1070mm fits comfortably in floor lifts and other small spaces without the slightest sacrifice in stability. Turn effortlessly into narrow spaces, kitchens etc. without the need for complicated maneuvers.

Sit down and relax

The seat of Q200R is designed to fit you perfectly. With many adjustments and adjustable 5-strap on the backrest, it meets the requirements of your body posture. Feel comfortable knowing that if your needs change, your seat can change too.


Our vision was to create a TRUE power wheelchair for both indoors and outdoors. One with excellent handling when indoors and ZERO compromise on stability and performance outdoors. But how do you design such a well-balanced wheelchair? A large base will have difficulty maneuvering in tight environments. Very small, though, will be very uncomfortable with loss of traction. Finding the perfect combination requires testing 100 configurations. So that’s exactly what we did – with SMART BASE TECHNOLOGY. The result is the QUICKIE Q200 R. A compact electric wheelchair that offers the best traction, stability and even the ability to climb curbs up to 100 mm.


Πλάτος 58 cmΑυτονομία31 km
Μήκος 107 cmΤαχύτητα10 Kmh
Πλάτος καθίσματος43 έως 50 cmΜπαταρίες55 Ah
Βάθος καθίσματος41 έως 51 cmΚλίση ανάβασης
Ύψος καθίσματος47 cmΗλεκτρονικάVR2
Κλίση καθίσματος0° - 6°Bάρος με μπαταρίες98 Kg
Ύψος πλάτης50 cmΜέγιστο Βάρος Χρήστη136 Kg
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