The most user-friendly folding power wheelchair.

QUICKIE F35 R2 with its user-friendly features, is an excellent choice for those who require basic electrical mobility and portability.

It is designed to offer comfort, safety and accessibility both indoors and outdoors.

Swivelling and removable footrests.

In addition to being removable, the footrests can be rotated either inwards or outwards. Thanks to this feature, the length of the wheelchair can be changed without having to remove the footrests before entering small spaces such as lifts.

Adjustable Armrests

The armrests can be adjusted in width, depth and height.

Easily transported

Remove the batteries and the backrest and fold the wheelchair for easy transport or storage.


Πλάτος 60 cmΑυτονομία25 km
Μήκος 105 cmΤαχύτητα6 Kmh
Μήκος χωρίς υποπόδια86 cmΜπαταρίες50 Amp
Πλάτος καθίσματος43 cm έως 52 cmΚλίση ανάβασης10°
Βάθος καθίσματος43 cmΗλεκτρονικάVR2
Ύψος καθίσματος50 cmΕλάχιστο βάρος67,1 Kg
Κλίση καθίσματος0° - 6°Μέγιστο Βάρος Χρήστη120 Kg
Ύψος πλάτης42,5 cm
Κλίση πλάτης
Ύψος υποβραχιονίων18 έως 30 cm
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