The wheelchair is an integral part of the user's life and mobility.

No wheelchair of Wheel stays away from its user for more than 24 hours.


  • We have a fully equipped service unit.
  • We maintain a full stock of spare parts.
  • We guarantee the immediate diagnosis of the situation.
  • We repair every type of wheelchair, safely and reliably.

Apart from the wheelchairs of the 11 top factories that we represent and for which there is 100% stock of spare parts, utilizing the know-how and the long experience of our technicians, we are able to know how any wheelchair works, of any manufacturer and so we can repair it with the same security and reliability. Even if we need to assemble or manufacture spare parts.

Van Service

Wheel’s specially equipped vans / trucks are independent mobile crews that rush to wherever you are at all times and, most of the time, experienced technicians repair the damage to your wheelchair on the spot, without you having to change anything from your daily schedule.
* The service is addressed to residents of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

Immediate Delivery

In case the technician’s diagnosis does not allow on-site repair through the Van Service, the wheelchair is transported to the workshop where it is repaired immediately and delivered to your place, within 24 hours. If you are still outside the borders of Thessaloniki, Wheel cooperates with selected forwarders in order to ensure the fastest possible rdelivery of your wheelchair, in every corner of Greece. You can also contact us to indicate the nearest sales point in our network, with experience in diagnosis and repair in collaboration with Wheel technicians.

In any case, the repair in our facilities lasts maximum 24 hours.

Call us at + 30 2310 900 443