SIMO is an innovative mobility simulator which has been designed to measure, validate and improve the sitting-posture on a wheelchair.

An unrivaled tool for all

An unrivaled tool for All

Wheelchair users
SIMO assists medical professionals in measuring wheelchair configuration for proper body posture and performance for new or existing users in less time than traditionally required.
  • SIMO helps tailor the wheelchair to each individuals personal needs and lifestyle
  • Experience & feel a new wheelchair before ordering it.
  • Eases the processes for medical professionals to identify and prevent positioning needs
  • Designed to validate sitting posture on a wheelchair
  • Optimize your sitting position to get the maximum amount of performance with the minimum required force.
Rehabilitation professionals
SIMO redefines mobility for Therapists, Rehabilitation centers, Manufacturers & Distributers by simplifying and validating the “body-wheelchair measurement procedure”.
  • SIMO reduces measuring errors.
  • Simplifies the measuring session as well as minimizes the time needed for measurements.
  • Assists users in the identification of a better and healthier sitting-position.
  • Medical professional can more accurately address the needs of the user and provide the most suitable wheelchair.
  • Reduces significantly the time and effort to train new experts for wheelchair measurements.

SIMO guarantees an optimal result with the minimum consumption of cost and time.

SIMO’s software can store a session to continue or evaluate it at a later time.
A detailed report can be prepared from it’s database of users for printing or sharing

SIMO is equipped with a photo analysis system. Peripheral cameras can record the user while simulation in alternative siting position. These photos/footage can be used to evaluate the sitting posture improvement even by the user himself.

We designed and manufactured the first universal mobility simulator !

It all happens when the force of each hand propulsion is measured

For a wheelchair user, an effective spin of the wheels equates more speed, power and consequently absolute freedom.

What if discovering the optimal sitting posture which will produce the maximum speed under the requirement of the minimum force, could become a reality?

SIMO brings this possibility into life by recording the force of the hand for every different seating position which can be adjusted by altering it’s dimensions.

The achieved result is for a wheelchair user to cover more distance with the same amount of force and stay protected from overuse injuries. A session with SIMO gives the user the opportunity to experience the improvements which will result in an increase of independence.

Take control
  • Seamlessly adjust the electromechanical parts to reshape SIMO according to the users body and to achieve a proper sitting posture.
  • Analyze and assess the performance of the user.
  • Save all the measurements and results as well as print or share an individual report for the user.
SIMO World

SIMO WORLD is the simulation software which accompanies SIMO.

It simulates a virtual reality environment of a city where you can wander by propelling your wheelchair and test your performance!

Adjust & Measure
  • Width
  • Length
  • Front height
  • Rear height
  • Tilt
  • Height
  • Tilt
  • Front height
  • Rear height

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