The champion’s wheelchair!

If you like sports, HURRICANE SPORT is your wheelchair. Particularly popular in most national basketball teams, HURRICANE SPORT is manufactured piece by piece with precise measurements, down to the last millimeter.

You will find perfect dynamics, maximum speed and great fighting spirit with HURRICANE SPORT, whether you need it for basketball, rugby, tennis or dancing. Absolute accuracy leads to absolute perfection.


  • In the requirements of the sport (basketball, rugby, tennis or dance).
  • The athlete’s body type.
  • The position of the athlete on the field.

With a really dynamic, easy-to-use and aggressive frame, you will be the main player on the field!

The following codes are included:
349-349 / 355, 948, 575, 411, 4956, 709, 61-63,457-464, 493/494, 692/693, 365, 102, 88, 234/235, 359.

SKU: 1.880 SPORT Category: Brand: MEYRA

Purely innovative.

Optimal support system.

Extremely stable.

Rigid and durable parts.

(e.g. Axle – Fork)



Manufactured especially for your body !

HURRICANE SPORT is made according to the individual measurements of your body and is personalized according to your needs.

The specialist of our company will measure your body and will analyze all the necessary technical details.

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