Electric Lightweight & Foldable Wheelchair!

The BBR mobility scooter stands out for its cutting-edge technology, modern design, and ergonomics.

Designed to provide a unique driving experience, it is comfortable and safe! Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, it features special suspension mechanisms and powerful steering, reducing impact on uneven surfaces. It comes with its own application, which can be easily used for the mobilization and guidance of the wheelchair.

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More about the BBR • Reinforced design of a high-strength unified frame. • The upper part of the BBR features a lightweight design, ensuring that 80% of the weight is positioned at the bottom to prevent tipping at a 15-degree incline. • Front wheels come equipped with suspensions, reducing vibrations. • Features a foldable frame. APPLICATION FOR MOBILE Downloadable on iOS or Android, including the remote control, speed adjustment, folding, or extension, etc.


Μήκος αμαξιδίου105 cmΕιδικά σχεδιασμένοι εμπρός τροχοί10" συμπαγής
Πλάτος αμαξιδίου59 cmΠίσω τροχοί10" με αέρα
Ύψος αμαξιδίου93 cmΜπαταρία20Ah
Mήκος αμαξιδίου διπλωμένο83 cmΦορτιστής24V
Ύψος αμαξιδίου διπλωμένο 37 cmΒάρος αμαξιδίου37,9 Kgr
Μέγιστη ταχύτητα6 Km/hΜέγεθος μαξιλαριού 42x42 cm
Αυτονομία25 KmΜέγιστο βάρος χρήστη120 Kg
Folds easily with a single press for transportation and storage


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